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Anna Miller, LMFT      

Child, Adolescent, Couple, & Family Therapist

It is my purpose as a therapist to provide a safe and trusting environment in which clients and families can heal. I utilize a systemic approach, which encompasses all components of one’s environment and looks at problems as interactional processes rather than individual processes. I utilize Strategic Family Therapy to provide strength-based, problem-focused, and goal-oriented therapy. Additionally, I utilize trauma and attachment models of therapy to guide the therapeutic process. My goal for therapy is to provide a holistic approach in which I work with the individual, their family, and other significant persons to assess the presenting concerns, develop goals that include the individual and the family, and assist the individual, family, and community in reaching those goals. It is my job to help families become aware of the problem cycle and to amplify change by creating awareness, understanding, and direction; however, ultimately the client and their family have to create the change they want to see. In providing this type of service I have found that individuals and their families are able to work with one another to combat problems, restructure their family, and strengthen family bonds.


I obtained a Masters of Education in Counseling, Family and Human Services with a focus on couples and family therapy at the University of Oregon in 2010. In March 2014, I became a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Throughout my career as a therapist, I have provided outpatient therapeutic services to couples, families, and individuals across the life cycle. I have gained experience in working with kids and families with high mental health needs, and dealing with other significant risk factors such as trauma, attachment, abuse, depression, and anxiety. I have participated in extensive coursework and trainings such as Collaborative Problem Solving, Nuerosequential Model of Therapeutics, Child and Family Assessments and Interventions, Adult Psychopathology and Behavioral Disorders, Advanced Family Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Violence in Families and Society, Wellness and Spirituality Across the Life Cycle, Contemporary Issues in Addictions, and Gender and Ethnicity.



Miranda Powell, LCSW      

Individual and Family Therapist -- Children, Teens, Adults, and Families


As a therapist, I help individuals grow and develop into the people they want to be. We often get stuck in unhealthy patterns of relating to others and the world that are difficult to escape without help. This happens to kids and teens as well as adults. When I work with children, my hope is to help them, and their families, to develop insight into the problematic patterns that have arisen in their relationships. I treat children with respect, remembering that while they are not adults, they are people. Kids have their own experiences, perspectives, and ways of relating. To help them change, a therapist has to be able to “enter into” the child’s mental and emotional world. One of the main challenges in working with kids is that they cannot make the changes in their own environment that will help them support and sustain change; they rely on their parents for this. For this reason, I partner with parents -- who are always their child’s primary “therapist” -- to modify their environment and routines in ways that will be supportive of change outside of the therapy hour. My understanding of relationships is based in attachment theory, which says that our patterns of relating to significant others are formed early and are persistent throughout our lives. Parents have the opportunity to offer their child a pattern of relating that will let them grow into happy, healthy adults with fulfilling relationships. When working with a child client, I primarily use play therapy, cognitive behavioral techniques, and family therapy techniques. I believe this combination of techniques is the best recipe for change that is as rapid and lasting as possible.



I have been in the mental health field for twelve years, working with a populations ranging from children with emotional and behavioral disorders to adults with severe mental illness in the criminal justice system. I’ve enjoyed working with all of these populations, but my expertise is in treating children with emotional and behavioral difficulties and adults who are recovering from traumatic experiences. I particularly enjoy working with kids who have “externalizing” disorders – that is, kids who “act out” their feelings in inappropriate ways and with adults who are struggling with the aftereffects of difficult childhoods.



I received my Bachelor’s Degree in psychology at Bard College at Simon’s Rock, and my Masters in Social Work with a clinical focus from the Catholic University of America. My post-graduate training and study has focused on attachment, trauma, sexual reactivity and aggression, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and autism spectrum disorders.


Stacy Simmons, LPC   

Adult, Child, Adolescent, & Family Therapist


My goal is to provide a warm, safe, accepting environment for individuals and families to grow and rebuild hope for the future. I believe that each individual has their own unique strengths and I tailor therapeutic services to build upon these gifts and differences. I find several factors contribute to life challenges and stress including family history, social situations and internal thoughts and emotions. As a therapist, my goal is to help you identify these factors and find the tools that work for you.

I offer individual and family therapy for adults, children and adolescents facing a number of challenges and mood disturbances. I specialize in treating complex trauma/PTSD, anxiety, and mood disorders. My work with children often focuses on attachment issues and behavioral disturbances including aggression, self-harm, suicidal gestures, and impulsivity.

I attended Pacific University from August of 2008 to August of 2010 where I received a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. During my studies I focused on evidence based treatments and assessment strategies for adults, children, adolescents, and families with extensive training in anxiety disorders and complex trauma. Other courses focused on social, cultural, and biological foundations of mental health disorders and treatment strategies including Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Exposure Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Behavioral Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorders. I have facilitated multiple DBT informed groups and skills training sessions for women and teenagers struggling with mood dysregulation and I have years of experience working in diverse community mental health settings.

Jennifer VanDuker, LPC   

Child, Adolescent, Adult & Family Therapist

Independent Contractor


I approach counseling from a relational and client-centered perspective, integrating dynamic strategies like mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral strategies to help you enhance, heal, and transform the quality of your life and relationships. I am solution-focused and consider my work with individuals and families as a partnership formed to meet your personal goals and live with more intention.


Often emotional pain, stress, and excessive worries prompt people to seek outside help.  Perhaps you are experiencing difficulties in your life that have left you feeling overwhelmed.  Do you feel your emotions are controlling you instead of the other way around?  Do you long to have a deeper connection to others?  Do you feel like you have tried everything and yet nothing has changed?  Or maybe you feel stuck – like life is just not as good as you would like it to be? Counseling can be a helpful tool in sorting through emotions, identifying relational patterns and negative thinking that can create barriers to reaching goals of happiness and connection. I see my role as helping clients enhance their lives and quality of their relationships by identifying and building on their strengths and resources.


I have worked in the mental health field for over a decade in a variety of settings but have focused my work with children, teens, and families. I specialize in treating eating disorders with an emphasis on family-based treatment strategies and a HAES ® approach. I am also passionate about working with children with emotional and behavioral issues.


I hold a Masters in Counseling from Portland State University. My studies concentrated on human growth and development, attachment, and crisis counseling. I have additional training and experience in Collaborative Problem Solving, Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and hold a certificate in Adoptive and Foster Family Therapy.





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